Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies is a search engine that simply crawls the web and gathers links to audio files that it might find. These files are usualy, but not limited to .mp3, wav, etc. does NOT store any files on its server. We simply provide text links to what might be the file location.

If you find a link(s) here, that is infringing upon a copyright that you own, PLEASE contact us immediatly via our contact section and include the proper documents that prove the copyright and we will immediatly remove your link(s) from our database.

We do not claim full ownership of the songs posted on this site. The files themselves are hosted by a 3rd party site. If the respective copyright owner(s) wish for their songs to be taken down, feel free to e-mail us!

We also have a blacklist of sites that upload copywritten material and exclude them from our crawling list.

Users that upload copyrighted content will be banned temporarily at the first upload, and permanently at the second!

If you think violated any of these privacy policies, please contact us immediately

Semua File di Hanya dari Hasil Index Di Mesin Search, Kami menghormati Undang-Undang Hak Cipta. Jadi, jika Anda telah menemukan link ke file ilegal, tolong laporkan di Contact Kami. Kami akan menghapus dalam 3-5 hari kerja

We respect the Copyright Laws. So if You have found the link to an illegal file, please report it on this page. We'll remove it in 3-5 business days